The amazing thing!

This week has been lovely!
I had the most amazing thing happen on Wednesday. As was walking through my local high street, I happened to glance into a coffee shop. What caught my eye were the people who were sat on the squishy sofas. They were smiling and laughing, generally having a good time. 
It was lovely to see, and a little part of me wished I could be part of something like that. 
As I stared glanced, I saw that they were KNITTING and CROCHETING!!!!!!!!
I am one of the shyest people you could meet, I even have a bit of a stutter around friends.
I virtually threw myself through the doors, headlong into the group and asked/ begged to join!!
So on Wednesday coming, I am going along. Excited doesn’t even come close! I just hope I can string a sentence together!
I hope you like the photos of this weeks crafty bits!
            Scrappy Happy Flowers

The beginning of a new blanket. I haven’t made squares for a looooooooooong time!

Scrappy Happy Stars.

Till next time

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  1. Sweet Seahorse says:

    I love seeing your squares layered on top of each other like that. At first I thought that was your design. I love the asymmetrical and random, although I am completely incapable of doing it myself! 🙂
    I’d love to have a group of friends to sit and crochet with, for the time being it will just have to be my stress busting time at home.
    xXx Helen

  2. Indigo Blue says:

    What lovely flowers and they are all the same size. Wish mine were that even and I have to really think about what I am doing but I think your post has given me the boost the fish out my hook and start to crochet the handles for the bag I made a year ago!

  3. cristina says:

    It like very much to me these beautiful flowers! And I’m looking forward to seeing your new blanket finished, sure we like a lot to us! As always, you make us have a good time!

  4. Sher says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous collection of color in this post – ahhhh the happiness just to view it all. Thank you for your lovely photos and best of luck in your new crochet group. That scenario is like a dream that would happen – I so would like a comfy cozy place to gather with friends and yarn. What could be better? Sher @

  5. Paula says:

    I really like the flowers you’re making and the granny squares but what really caught my eye were the bright colours, they’re are so beautiful and work so well together.

  6. Olga says:

    Joining a crochet/knit group sounds like fun.
    I love you colorful squares, flowers, and stars. So cheerful!
    And I just made a tiny heart using your tutorial. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. VLW says:

    Oh, wow, can I relate! My adrenaline gets roaring and I start tripping over my own words, too. Also shaky hands! Most annoying, but after all these years, I guess I’m used to it. (Essential tremor, also called familial tremor.) So anyway, kudos for overcoming your shyness and I hope you have scads of fun on Wednesday! Your designs and photos are, as usual, works of happy art and I can’t wait to pin some of them on my own Pinterest boards!

  8. gaia says:

    I wish we had had a crochet group like that here too! You are so lucky…I love your blog and I admire your crochet work.Have a lovely day. Gaia.

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