Round cushion.

Thank you all so much, for all your kind words. They really did help. We’re no further along finding a new home, I think my worst fear, is that we’ll end up in bed and breakfast. The way things are going, that is looking like a scarily real possibility. Trying to find money for a deposit is ridiculously hard. Most of the time we barely have enough money to get through, let alone finding a huge big lump in only 7 weeks!!!
Time, I think to share some nice things!!
I have finished the round cushion.
I’ve made a hot water bottle cover. I’m going to make a far more colourful one. I didn’t want to waste my pretty wool on a practice one, hence the dull colours!!
I’ve also made a purchase.
Why am I showing you tea towels?
It’s not because they are pink and pretty.
It’s not because they were a bit of a bargain.
It’s because I thought you may be able to help me work something out.

How do I use them to produce agreeable sensations?
Till next time

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  1. Michelle says:

    Your practice hot water bottle cover is fantastic. I saw many a really good priced hot water bottle for £1.99 in the autumn and always shied away from buying them as they had not cover. No more! Thanks for sharing. I’ll add hot water cover to my list of ‘want to makes’.

  2. Me says:

    Sorry to read of your recent bad news, I do hope something turns up ASAP. But in the mean time it sounds like you’re keeping your mind busy with some lovely bright things 🙂

  3. Pati from London says:

    That round cushion is sensational! So happy and colorful!! I love it! The tea towels made me laugh! I hope your sad times end soon, darling. x Pati

  4. Planet Penny says:

    Ooh, pompoms! They look great on that cushion, so cheerful. Sorry to here about your house problems and really hope something comes along very soon.
    If a teatowel has been invented to induce pleasant sensations, I need one!
    Penny x

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