No Internet!!

My Internet has been BROKEN for the last week! It has been a VeRy long, long week.
No Ravelry with my morning cup of tea, after j has gone to school.
No flickr when I get a bit bored with housework.
Most importantly no blogging and reading all of the other lovely blogs. :: sniff sniff ::
I have managed to do loads of CROCHET and other bits and bobs too, so it hasn’t been all bad!!
I have stocked up on some more Stylecraft.
Isn’t it just  lovely  to look at?
I needed to carry it home in something!
owlie bag
I have started a new project.
It’s a new hexagon I’m going to call Granny Cluster Hexagon.

 The light isn’t very good today,rainy, dull, generally yuck! it looks like my camera has sucked some of the colour out of the pics!
P.S. I want to say thank you for all of the buttony suggestions! I’ll let you know what I do with them!

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