How I use a flower loom

Hello People!
My goodness, things have been hectic here the last few days.
P&J have both been home from work and school with man flu. Lots of tissues, and headache pills/ medicine have been taken. Lot of OOOOOOHHHH I don’t feel good, and extra hugs.
Actually they have both been quite poorly, poor things! So far I seem to have escaped. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Now they are feeling better I have had some time to take the pics to go with the flower loom instructions.
Firstly tie a little knot in your yarn and wedge in in the little slit on the bottom of your loom.
Keeping the yarn fairly taught, start winding it in a figure 8 between every set of opposite pegs.
All the way around.

The number of times you wind the yarn around, will dictate the puffiness of the petals.
I’ve gone around 4 times. Just so you get the idea.
Finish off on the same peg you started on, and pull the yarn through the  little slit again.
Repeat again on the inner pegs.
How you do the center is up to you! All you are doing is stopping it from coming apart, and to look pretty.
I have just back stitched around.
Now pop the petals off the pegs.
Fasten off at the back and poof up the petals.
All done!
This yellow and white one was made by P.
Fantastic!! He was checking if my instructions made sense.
I hope you like it.


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