Hot water bottle cover remake


It was about 6 years ago that I first picked up a crochet hook. It all started with a magazine called The Art Of Crochet. Each week you would get a magazine and a free ball of wool.

Art of crochet cover

I remember being so excited every Tuesday knowing today was wool day. I would excitedly pop to the shop, collect my magazine, come home and make coffee in my favorite mug. I think I turned it into a Tuesday ritual. I was so happy just looking through, drinking my coffee.

I don’t remember how many weeks I collected it for. I just kind of stopped.

However I do remember how many things I made from it. A grand total of 1!

All of those weeks collecting and reading only to have made 1 thing. The magazine did have some really good hints and tips though. So not a complete waste of money!

The one thing I made was this hot water bottle cover.


Now several years later it looks like this!


Very baggy, saggy and sad looking. J won’t part with it though! I guess it’s going to be with us for a while longer.

I decided to make again after finding the pattern whilst I was sorting through some old bits and pieces under the stairs.

It’s been a very long time since I have followed a pattern, and I have to confess to being very very rusty.

Because the original pattern was a little bit too big for my hot water bottle I had to alter it. I also used a 3.5mm hook instead of the recommended 4mm.

I really love how it has turned out. I think it’s really bright and cheerful. Just right for the crappy cold winter!

Collage hotty

After looking at the pictures I decided it was still a bit plain. Certainly colourful, but plain. Ummmmmmm I know! It needs flowers, everything looks better with flowers!

I used my happy scrappy flowers.



Sooooooooo much better don’t you think?

Till next time



    • pinkfluffywarrior_admin says:

      Hi Nic! Thank you very much! The pattern is in issue 14, it was printed 5/6 years ago

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