Granny stripe No.2.

I’ve swapped my normal choice of colours, for more manly ones, to start Granny stripe no2.
It’s for my dad for christmas´╗┐. He likes things to be “in keeping” with his decor.
To try and reduce boredom, I’m going to try and stash bust the entire blanket.
Here’s the colours.
Today’s progress.
I think it will be enough yarn.
 It’s smaller than granny stripe no1, and I had loads of the Stylecraft left over.
Most of the yarn I’ll be using has been hanging around for the last four years. Ever since I tried my hand at knitting.
I only made one thing.
It took me 3 years to make this blanket!!!!!!
I found knitting takes to long.
Give me crochet over knitting any day of the week!!!

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  1. Shanti says:

    I agree with you!!! knitting takes so much time, more than crochet!!! I’m now trying Tunisian crochet… I feel like is something between knitting and crochet, it’s not as slow as knitting, but I can’t get the speed I have when crocheting…

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