Granny is growing!

Hello!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going to go into any details as to why I have been away so long, It’s just been a dark time for me. Moving on to nice things!!!!!! My granny square is growing

The last photo isn’t the best! I took it a moment ago and it’s cloudy, with NO snow! I know in a previous post I stated my dislike for snow, but I have changed my mind!!! I would love a little bit, just enough to look like everything is covered in icing sugar! pretty!! back to granny square, I have 2 more rows of colour to do, then it’s on to the boarder. I have an idea for the boarder, that i think will look pretty. when it is completed I’ll answer the questions that have been asked!! I’ll be posting again later today or tomorrow, as I had an adventure to london. i really want to share the photos with you. Till next time xxx

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  1. cristina says:

    Hello! I am very happy for your return!
    It makes me happy to see your creations and
    I really enjoy with your lovely blog.
    Your granny is very nice!

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