Giant granny square FINISHED!!!

I finished my giant granny square!  
I thought that it was going to be ANOTHER one of those unfinished things that lurk in my basket! ( I say basket, but really it’s a foot stool that I shove everything in!)
I was a little unsure about a white boarder, but I had an idea that needed something plain.
48 to be precise! 
All made on the inside pegs of my flower loom.
I stitched each flower on using a little yellow bead for the flower center.
I’m a very happy bunny, and am pleased with how it has turned out!

The secret I found to keeping it square is to simply turn. As you finish each round, turn your square over to work the next round. I also joined my yarn on a different corner for every round. I hope that helps anyone thinking of making one too!
Till next time


  1. VLW says:

    This is a delight! Colors, flowers–perfect. I’ve never even made a basic granny square before. Is there a formula you use to do this?

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