Flower granny blanket the beginning.

I probably haven’t picked the best time of year to start a new blanket. It’s only a little while till Christmas, and I have plans for at least 2 blankets to make as gifts. Both of those blankets are not going to be my normal choice of colours. They are both going to be  granny stripes. One brown, beige, black and white. The other is going to be in several shades of blue.
So maybe this is going to be the last colourful blanket I make this year.
Here’s my progress so far.
( please excuse my feet making an appearance!)
To start of with, I used white as the joining round, but it sucked all the peppyness out of the colours.
I’m glad I pulled it all out, and used the pink instead.
I’ve also made my first few felt balls.
After adding a few beads.
Yay little bracelet!
I think for the rest of this afternoon, I shall fill my kitchen with more felting wool, and the smells of lavender soap!


  1. gill says:

    Hi I’ve just found your blog and I’m enjoying reading through your old posts!
    I love your crochet squares – I’m a novice – I can do a basic granny square but how do you add a lovely flower????

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