Crochet V stitch blanket (Part 2) Changing colours


Yesterday I posted the first part of my V stitch blanket. You can find it here

Today part 2 is about changing colour with a Tr (Dc) stitch.

Carrying on from yesterday.

When you are ready to change colour work the pattern to the end of the row.

Once you have reached the end of the row, but before you do the last Tr(Dc) in the turning chain.

Stop and get ready for the colour change.

v st 13

Yarn over and insert hook in 3rd chain of turning chain.

v st 14

v st 15

Yarn over and pull through.

3 loops on hook.

v st 16

Yarn over and pull through first 2 loops.

2 loops on hook.

v st 17

Get your new colour ready.

Using the new colour yarn over

v st 18

Pull new colour through both loops on hook.

v st 19

Leave a tail of old colour and tie to the tail of new colour.

v st 20

That’s it!

Carry on with the pattern as before just using the new colour.

v st 21

v st 22

v st 23

When you are ready change colour again.

Just do the same again.

v st 24