Crochet v st tutorial (Part 1)


I’m still loving my beachy V st blanket.


This is a really really easy pattern and works up very quickly.

I’ve broken the tutorial down into two parts because there are so many photos.

I have used UK terminology throughout. American terminology is in ( Brackets )

 With a 4mm ( G ) hook. ch 235. ( I’ve used DK yarn Mostly stylecraft)

(For practice ch 21)

Row 1

1 Tr (Dc) in 4th chain from hook.

v st 1

v st2

 Ch1 and work 1 Tr (Dc) in next chain

v st 3

**Skip 1 chain and work 1 Tr (Dc) in next chain.

v st 4

Ch1 and work 1 Tr (Dc) in next ch**

v st 5

Repeat from ** to ** till you have 1 ch remaining.

v st 6 Work 1 Tr (Dc) in this last chain.

Ch 3 and turn.

Row 2.

Now you are going to be working in the 1 chain spaces.

So skip first 2 Tr (Dc)

v st 7

 And work (1Tr (Dc) ch1 Tr (Dc) ) in each 1 chain space along the row.v st 8

v st 9

When you get to the end work 1Tr (Dc) in 3rd of turning chain.

v st 10

v st 11

Ch 3 and turn.

Repeat row 2.

( 1 Tr (Dc) 1ch 1Tr (Dc) ) in each little v.

v st 12

v st 13

I’ve changed colour every 4 rows. You can change colour whenever you fancy!

I have another tutorial to post tomorrow for changing colour with Tr (Dc) stitches.

Till next time.