Crochet Stars


How is everyone today? Good I hope!

It’s been all go here the last couple of weeks. Christmas shopping is nearly all done. I’ve been helping P dig a road for a friend of ours.

This has involved me driving one of these bad boys


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It was a ridiculous amount of fun! I did get a little scared as some of the time it did feel like the whole thing was gonna tip over, but that’s normal apparently. I was covered from head to food in mud. Big puddles are awesome if you’re having a go in something like this!!!!

So onto crochet, since the title of this post is crochet stars!

I think stars are lovely and have seen some really pretty ones on pinterest. I thought I’d have a go at designing some of my own. I’m over the moon with the results! Big yay!!!!!

DSCF1382 cropped


That’s more like it, nice and pointy!

DSCF1389 cropped

I blocked them using spray starch. I found that pinning them out, spraying them with starch, and letting them dry naturally didn’t work out as well as I hoped. They lost their firmness pretty quickly for some reason. Instead I pinned them on my pin board, sprayed the starch on, then blasted them with my hairdryer. It worked better that way I found. I also pinned and starched the back of them as well.

DSCF1398 cropped

DSCF1399 cropped

DSCF1400 cropped

DSCF1401 cropped


I only have a few more to make. Then I’ll show you the finished result!

I also have some big exciting news to share with you, but I have to keep my lips sealed for a little while longer.

Till next time



  1. Kerry belshaw says:

    Hi pink fluffy warrior,
    I am looking for your hot water bottle pattern and star pattern you have crocheted, would you be so kind to share the patterns please?
    Thank you x

    • pinkfluffywarrior_admin says:

      Hi Kerry! Unfortunately I’m not able to share as the pattern came from a magazine called The Art Of Crochet.

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