Crochet bits and bobs

Firstly an update on “The amazing thing”. I haven’t been able to go (sad face!).
Poor P has been very very unwell, and my car is broken. Next Wednesday, will be my first meeting. Please keep all your fingers and toes crossed!
In the meantime I have been making some more little hearts.
And some little flowerloom flowers (using the tiny weeny loom)
My plan is to cover my wall in what we call the pretty room!
It’s grown since!
I’ve untangled all of the tangled up bits of yarn in my poof. (foot stool)
Much better!

And I have made tons of flowers (the tin is now full)
Unfortunately the battery’s in my camera have gone flat, but on my next post I’ll show you all of the flowers, and the granny square progress. 
Till next time


  1. TACIStudio says:

    Wow… I love all the colors and happiness on your blog… Just found you through bunnymummy ‘s blog and I’m so happy… I’m your new follower 🙂 and will be coming back for more visits.

  2. Nicole says:

    Ohh your hangy garlandy thingy (I can’t think of a name!) will look so cool in your pretty room 🙂 Your hearts are great colours, and I’ve got loads of tiny little yarn balls just like yours, also in my foot stool!

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